One of our co-hosts happens to be spending his honeymoon in Cherating, so decided to drop by Chukai, Kemaman town for some shopping. It didn’t take long for him to realize this is also the hometown of Real Chukai FC.

Without further hesitation, part of the honeymoon agenda is now to include a brief visit to Mini Stadium Mak Chili. One looked on Google Map, it took us about 30 minutes from the resort which we are staying and we were on our way.

Previously, the stadium used to belong to Majlis Perbandaran Kemaman, like any venue belonging to a municipal council it pretty much has all standard criteria that a football team requires. Today, it belongs to Real Chukai FC, a progressive side from the East Coast that dreams of going the distance.

For a community club to own its stadium, that says just about everything you need to know just how ambitious they are. The club has even decided to change its field to a FIFA approved turf ground, that was just mind-boggling to find out.

To remember this visit, we decided to do a very (and very) simple stadium tour just to give you an idea what Mini Stadium Mak Chili is all about. Hope you enjoy our video.

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