Over the last 30 years, women’s football has been growing from strength to strength. The Women’s World Cup has gained such a huge following since its inception in 1991. And now the biggest European club’s are jumping on the bandwagon of opening a section for women’s team.

But this isn’t just about women playing the game, their role has expanded beyond the football pitch; from media to writers to some, the president of their own club.

However, there is still a lot of ongoing issues especially when it comes to recognition as the women’s game is still unable to gain the same amount of respect and attention that is given to the men’s game.

Also, there is a lack of development on the women’s game in the South East Asia region. To explore this subject, we have The Female Football Voice herself, Ms Ash Hashim, also known as Futbolita. We also dabble a bit on the latest development in Spain’s La Liga.

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