I’m sure Fantasy Football isn’t something alien to most football fans.

We at the BOLA BOLA Show decided to start one of our own and we have opted to focus on the UEFA Champions League. If you’re keen on getting on board with us, do click on the following link to create your own fantasy team.

Links: https://gaming.uefa.com/en/uefachampionsleague

League Link: https://gaming.uefa.com/en/uclfantasy/leagues/88S1VW1W01/00540068006500200042006F006C006100200042006F006C0061002000530068006F00770020004C006900670061/Balamoorali

We are also inviting everyone to join our very own the BOLA BOLA show Liga, by just copying the code below

So are you up for the challenge! Hurry up and start creating your super team as there are still about 4 days left before Matchday 1 kickoff (on the 15th September 2021). We are sure this is going to be an exciting Champions League campaign.

In the meantime, do watch this video which we have created to showcase our fantasy lineup for Matchday 1.

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