When mentioned the name Zesh Rehman to any Malaysian football fan, the first thing that comes to mind is him being one-quarter of the famous Pahang’s Four Horsemen from 2014 (alongside Dickson Nwakaeme, Matias Conti, and Damion Stewart). That year, Pahang prevented JDT’s rise to dominance in the Malaysian football landscape.

One can never forget that year’s Malaysia Cup Final. A sold-out occasion in Bukit Jalil Stadium, the final had all the drama, tension, and excitement of what makes a classic game.

We took this opportunity to talk to Zesh Rehman, on his journey in England and the challenges he faced as a South Asian British footballer. Followed by a series of successes in Thailand, Hond Kong before arriving in Malaysia to play for Pahang.

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We would like to wish our sincere thanks to Zesh Rehman for sharing the insight into his football journey especially on the two years plus he spent with Tok Gajah.

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