If you grew up with Malaysian football in the 1990s, we don’t have to tell you just how big Selangor was back then. Historically, Selangor was always a successful side but in the nineties, they began to flex their muscle, unlike anything that was seen up to that point.

For a start, they moved into a new 81,000 capacity new home ground, Shah Alam Stadium. They even broke the million Ringgit mark for star strikers Azman Adnan. And not to forget, they won three consecutive Malaysia Cup.

Joining us as the special guests on this episode, we manage to romp in two legendary figures who played a pivotal role in making Selangor what it was back then; the Red Giant!

We got midfield maestro, Shahril Arsat and Aussie supremo David Mitchell.

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It was such a surreal feeling to be able to chat with players that we were accustomed to watch on TV at the zenith peak of Selangor’s dominance.

A big thanks to Abang Shahril and Datuk Mitchell for taking their time to talk to us!

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