From our playground days experience, the most obvious thing we know is that not everyone wants to be a goalkeeper. Hence why, that role is somehow rather reserve for one of our co-host, Bala.

However in the context of modern football, we have also learned a great deal that being a good goalkeeper is not for everyone. Hence, not only it takes a special kind of talent, but also a special kind of coaching to become a top one.

We are honored and privilege to have Jyri Nieminen, who is the goalkeeping coach for the New York Red Bulls.

We tried to touch on every single aspect that evolves around goalkeeping coaching, be it technique and skills, or emotional and mental strength.

If you have as aspiration in becoming a keeper, then this episode is for you!

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We would like to wish our sincere thanks to Jyri for taking his time from family duties to speak with us all the way from Finland!

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