It’s that time again!

We are now half way through the group stage of the UEFA Champions League where following on the outcome from Match Day 3, the heat is about to take a few notch of Celsius higher with Match Day 4 just a few days away.

As always we would like to say thank you to all those who participate in our the BOLA BOLA show Liga fantasy. As we’ve discovered again this week, our fantasy league is growing so that’s a big sign that there is more competition ahead.

As much as we hope our choices will inspire others, we are most certain to have been inspired by fellow fantasy competitors. So keep up the good work everyone.

Well, in case, if you haven’t? It is never too late, just click on the link below to join our league and start setting up your fantasy team. Just use the League Code as per below:


League Link:

In this video, as always we will recap the outcome of our fantasy team based on the previous group games. and reveal our line up for Match Day Four. And of course, a look back in the league standings, and again, we got some big surprise here!

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