It was an occasion that had everything that you needed to turn it into a night of celebration!

Atmosphere? Checked!

Goals galore? Checked!

Drama? Checked!

A bit of suspense? Might have been a bit unnecessary but again, checked!

Happy ending? Absolutely checked!

By the time evening approached and knowing the results from other games, Harimau Malaya only had one job. Beat Bangladesh and Malaysia earned its ticket into next year’s AFC Asian Cup, simple as that.

However as it turns out, even the simplest task can also have its own twist and turn as you will find out in this video. The Bengal Tigers weren’t going to allow its Malayan counterpart to have it easy especially in the presence of their ardent countrymen who have turned up in huge numbers to support their country. 

In the end, there was going to be only one tiger that will be happy at the end of this occasion. After 42 years of wait, we are proud to say that Malaysia has qualified for its first AFC Asian Cup on merit. 

Hope you will enjoy this matchday vlog that we have put up for you!

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