We’re honored to have Mr Lim Teong Kim back again on the podcast.

Previously he was featured in our podcast Episode No.28, discussing about his role at the National Football Development Programme plus many more.

This time, he wanted to share with us his thought on Harimau Malaya’s recent performance at the World Cup/Asian Cup qualifier.

He also had some fiery words with regards to Football Association of Malaysia’s new policy of opening to naturalized footballers to play for the National Team.

Surely most football aficionados in Malaysia are aware, Mr Lim Teong Kim is someone who is known for speaking his mind but we would also wish to remind our listeners to do enjoy listening to this episode with an open mind.

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We would like to extend our thanks to Mr Lim Teong Kim for taking his time to chat with us, as always it is an enjoyable and learning conversation.

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