If you have been listening to our podcast right from the first episode, you would probably remember that our first ever feature guest was Najib Qadry, the assistant coach of KL Rovers. We did the interview with him way back in February 2020 for episode 6, prior before the Covid-19 pandemic took place.

Link to Episode 6:

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/episode/6SQ6XuD09Xl5pXzROTb7tJ

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fz-8aewQDsk

At that point if time, KL Rovers were competing in the M3 League and preparing for a FA Cup showdown with JDT. However, all that was put on hold when pandemic got worst which followed by a nationwide lockdown. After 2 years, there is good news as the M3 league was allowed resumed.

Let us first explain a bit of the M3 League format. Firstly, as the name says it all, M3 is referring to the third tier of the Malaysian football league system. A total of 20 teams were divided into two group each. Teams that finish within the Top 4 will progress to the knockout stage until the M3 League Final.

This year, KL Roves made it all the way and will compete for the grand prize with Persada Integriti Bersatu FC.Frankly speaking, we were overwhelmed by the attendance for this match and happy to see that there is a both teams have decent following. Which is of course a good thing.

About the final? Well, we will just let you know enjoy our latest matchday vlog instead.

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