It was kind of expected with Liverpool finally clinching the Premier League title, there will be many compelling stories happening throughout the world.

Last year during the Champions League final, photos and videos of Reds supporters gathering in Bandung, Indonesia to watch their beloved team in the early hours went viral throughout the world.

This year the one that caught my attention, happen to just take place right in my own backyard. Hafriz Iqbal uploaded pictures of his brothers celebrating Liverpool’s triumph next to their father’s grave.

“It was my brother’s after they went for a visit to my father’s grave. They usually will go there every Friday. They figured since Liverpool won, why not just bring my father’s jersey for a photo”

Stories like this don’t surprise me at all. If there is one recurring them among Liverpool fans is “Family”. It is a paramount value that has been cultivated by millions of Kopites around the world.

With their late dad being a long time supporter, one may wonder if that had a knock on effect on Hafriz and his brother.

“Not really. We knew he supported Liverpool but my father was working overseas so we don’t really see him that much and we started watching Liverpool, we just fell in love with the team”.

Like in every family, there has to be one memorable moment that will forever remain imprint Hafriz’s mind.

“It was Liverpool’s match against Red Bull Salzburg. I was back home for a holiday. He was already sick at that time. But he insisted to watch the match at four in the morning”.

Of course in the age of social media, anything that blows up will draw negative response just as much as there will also be many positives reaction. Just look at the following tweets on Twitter!

No doubt, this has to be a happy moment for Hafriz and brothers, and no one has the right to take it away from them. Their response to all the detrimental views was a very sharp and simple one.

When asked about the future, Hafriz is pretty optimist about the Reds prospect under Jurgen Klopp in the years to come.

“As a fan, I’m just happy that Liverpool finally won. Hopefully, we can win again next season. I think Liverpool were a better team last season, offensively. Few changes here and there, no doubt Liverpool can dominate at least for the next 3 year”.

We would like to take this opportunity to say terima kasih to Hafriz for sharing his story about his late dad with us. We are very sure that he is right there celebrating together with you guys in spirit.

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