Lionel Messi turns 33 today and it seems like this number has been a recurring theme in reminding us that time may not be on our side, so let’s appreciate his greatness while we still can.

Now here is a short but deep and meaningful write up from our friend who lives in Kathmandu, Nepal.

Several years ago I set out not just to learn what the divine meant, but to learn what about it has allowed millions of people who haven’t discerned it to key into it for all their lives. Since its inception, it has always been intangible, never been evident to speak volumes. Why then, could so many people, myself included, put it all and put on the belief?

It was never simple; it never will be. However, my belief on the divine has always been about yearning to put a fight, no matter what the results have been. In this regard, Lionel Messi has been a divine figure, for he’s always been an allegory to ‘dust yourself and forge ahead’. Hence, my favorite memory of a divine totem “wasn’t”, “it is”. Amidst all the capricious hurdles along the way, Lionel has been a belief – sometimes a glimmer – of never stopping to lick lips over success and hope.

If anything that has changed in addition to the greatness, it is his degree of greatness in my eyes. And since we’re already in the thirty-third year, it seems to me as if the best thing about Lionel is that Lionel will end soon, and never happen again. The only constant that’ll persist will be Lionel and the belief he continues among us. He has failed, he has got up, and he has, always, been that divine insignia.

But perhaps, he is just a human destined to fall again. The world, maybe, is not destined for someone as beautiful as him

On behalf of the BOLA BOLA Show, many thanks to Sudesh for allowing me to share this on our site. He is the editor of Barca Nepal Fan Club site, also does analysis for Total Analysis and writes for the Nutmeg Assist.

Be sure to give him a follow on Twitter account @SudeshBaniya10.

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