Selangor FC have just recently unveiled their latest signing, Ayron Del Valle from Colombia.

For the most of part of his career, Del Valle has been plying his trade in his homeland Colombia and also a few years in Mexico. Throughout his 17 years as a professional footballer, he has been playing with 16 different teams which includes Millonarios, Independent Medellin and Once Caldas, the last team he played for.

To understand Del Valle better, we have reached out to renowned journalist who is an expert on South American football, Juan Arango to have a brief chat on Selangor FC’s latest recruit

Based on his player profile, how best would you describe a player like Ayron Del Valle?

I believe that Ayron will be a good player. He’s a midfielder with a good touch and can move the ball around rather well. He has an understanding of how to distribute the ball and can hit the ball very well from outside.

Is there any weakness to his game?

Pace. If you are looking for that from him, that is not his game. It never was and it is less now at 34. He is adequate at best in terms of defense.

In all the previous clubs that Ayron Del Valle has played for, how have the fans treated him? Is he someone would you call a fan favorite?

As a player, he was liked at certain clubs. He was liked a great deal at Millonarios as he won two titles there. At various clubs, he stayed there only one season, so obviously he did not have that kind of impact. At America he was the league’s leading goalscorer.

For a player who has not played outside of Latin America, do you foresee adaptability will be a big challenge for Ayron Del Valle?

In terms of adaptability, that will be a great story. Believe that if his mind is rightโ€ฆ he will adapt based on the fact that he wants to perform on the pitch. That could help everything else. We shall see because, as you said, he has never had to do this type of adaptation

We hope our brief conversation with Juan will give everyone a better picture in terms of what sort of quality can be expected from del Valle when he takes to the field in a Selangor shirt.

There is some expectation from the Red Giants faithful that their team will continue the good work from last season following the arrival of former National Team head coach, Tan Cheng Hoe.

Selangor went on a 11 match unbeaten run both in the Super League and Malaysia Cup, which saw them reaching the Final before losing to Johor Darul Ta’zim.

In the context of Malaysian football, signing players from abroad often comes with a catch 22 situation. However knowing how meticulous coach Tan Cheng Hoe can be and based on feedback that we’ve heard here; Selangor should have reason to believe that Ayron Del Valle might just be the real deal.

We know we have been saying this a lot, but these are interesting times for Selangor FC following the new addition for this year’s campaign (e.g., Ruventhiran, Khuzaimi Piee, Faisal Halim) and a new stadium in the pipeline.

We would like to wish our sincere thanks to Juan for taking his time to give a little insight with regards to Ayron Del Valle, which we sure Selangor fans will appreciate. Do give him a follow on Twitter!

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