In the 2020 Malaysian Super League, UiTM FC was a surprise package team that finished in 7th place in the league.

Playing an integral part of that team is French defender Victor Nirennold. It was a huge pleasure for us to be able to talk to him about his journey from France to Malaysia. Also, what are the important traits one must possess as a defender when dealing with a tricky situation? Lastly, what makes UiTM FC a special team and their expectation for this year?

The three of us also dabble a bit into the idea of a varsity football team, what are the advantages and is this a positive step into the future? 

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We would like to thank Victor for taking his time to talk to us and wishing him and both UiTM FC all the best in the 2021 Malaysian Super League season.

You can reach out to him via his Twitter account:

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