There is a saying in football…

Magic rarely happens in real life but it often does on a football field

However on this occasion in National Stadium Bukit Jalil, it was indeed a magical night after all.

The word “magic” seems to be the most fitting theme for this final as the Malaysia Cup celebrate its 100th anniversary.

Firstly, as you all will probably know, I had arrived late simply because my timing when I left home wasn’t the most ideal given on this night, traffic is going to get a lot worse than usual expected. I have learn a great deal of lesson here.

Nevertheless, as I’ve said countless of times, I was never going to miss this under any circumstances. Being late is bad, not being present at all? This could have been the biggest regret of my life, thank God it wasn’t.

Now about the final, where do we start?

Firstly, not many football observers gave Kuala Lumpur (KL) City FC any chance of winning tonight. Well, that is kind of expected when you’re opponent in the final is none other than Johor Darul Ta’zim (JDT).

Just as what we anticipated, JDT were pressing hard right from the get go and dominated many of the early plays. They created enough opportunity including one which hit the post. Apart from that, they have been facing a roadblock in the form of KL’s goalkeeper, Kevin Mendoza.

However, slowly the momentum was beginning to KL’s way as the game progress. As the saying goes, the rest is history.

What made this final even more sweeter on a personal level, is that one of the scorer was a guest in our podcast not too long ago.

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The BOLA BOLA Show team would like to wish our sincere congratulations to O Capitão, Paulo Josué, coach Bojan Hodak and all team members of KL City FC for this remarkable victory.

As for JDT, this defeat doesn’t diminish the fact they are still the best team in the country for everything they have accomplished and build throughout these years.

We’re sure that both teams (also every other teams as well) will be looking forward to renewed challenges in the year 2022.

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