If I had to construe Huddersfield Town’s journey in the Premier League in one word, it would be “freefalling”. Right from the moment when reached the pinnacle of the league by defeating Crystal Palace on the matchday one in 2017 to the inevitable struggle at the bottom this term.

Like it or not, this is the reality when have to come to terms with. The miraculous run from the ascending from the Championship to the Premiership and remaining there for one more season always had its limitation. This season as we learned, the money ball run by the club has an adverse on the club’s recruitment policy.

While the club’s journey has won plenty of applause, it also had its fair share of critics. There are many who felt without understanding how things work at Huddersfield, felt we didn’t deserve to be in the Premier League.

For my part, I had an obligation to give this club the voice it deserves. I have written several articles about this and even appeared on podcast recording. But what about making an appearance on television? Now that’s something else.

My first exposure was back in 2013. I was invited by CNN FC to appear on their show and post a question to legendary French defender, Marcel Desailly. That alone was mind-boggling considering how many million people out there watching your face inside a TV box! Not forgetting having someone who has won it all in football answering your question.

The next time I would get such an opportunity was more than four years later. On the same night when Huddersfield Town inflicted a wound on Manchester United, I was contacted by the Premier League Fanzone to appear on their show. Since my first appearance, I had another four different stint on their show.

Now the latest, which is much closer to home, Wonda Coffee Man On The Street.

For a few months, I was giving this a serious thought, to do or not to do. So last year I decided to contact the people behind the show. Being a Huddersfield Town supporter (to the best my knowledge the only one so far) in Malaysia does has some interesting perks. You can be wanted man when the circumstances arise.

After a few attempts to get this done, we finally set a date in early March for the recording. With regards to the show, I would say that I enjoyed thoroughly. Not sure if the objective of giving Huddersfield Town a voice was met, but at least to some extent the message is out there.

Of course, it was a pleasure to share the same table with someone who has coached in Paris St Germain, Real Madrid and Bayern Munich and worked alongside the legendary Carlo Ancelotti. Nor forgetting a former player who has made a tremendous mark in Malaysian football. And of course, a famous football host on Astro. Realizing that I was such a hobbit next to these tall guys made me feel like I was standing among the shoulder of giants!

With regards to the entire show, I would the rest is history. if you haven’t watched this week’s episode, here is the video which I have uploaded on my Facebook page. Hopefully, you will enjoy my conversation with the rest of the guys.

I would like to take this moment to say many thanks to my family and friends for all the support. My mom and sister for making sure this week’s episode is recorded, my fiancée and honey, Yap Lin Foong for sticking around despite my crazy passion and my best buddies from Lima Sekawan gang for all the support (guys, we need to resume our thani session soon!).

Of course, not forgetting Stadium Astro, Tharsh, Rosyan, Rob and Paul for the opportunity to appear on the show. And shout out to all my fellow football friends on the various platform of social media which we interact.

P/S — If there is anyone out there who wants to have a football aficionado as part of their show, feel free to drop me a DM on my Twitter account. Don’t worry, I come in cheap only. 😉

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