KL City Football Club organized a Meet and Greet Session with fans who have purchased season ticket for this year.

This is an opportunity for the fans to meet the players and coaching staff in person. More importantly, a chance for KL’s loyal following to give their team some morale boost going into the battle in the next two games which are very crucial.

This weekend, they will take on Negeri Sembilan in the Super League and next week the all important FA Cup Final against non-other than the mighty JDT.

We also had a good time chatting with the players and head coach Bojan Hodak. It is such an immense feeling to be able to ask them questions. Had to admit, it was kind of overwhelming but fun nevertheless.

As for the fans and players/coaches, you could tell from the reaction of everyone who attended this event; it was such a happy occasion. There is a positive vibe in the air.

Anyway, we will just let you know enjoy our latest vlog instead.

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Special thanks to the entire management, coaching staff and players of KL City FC for organizing this event.

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