Episode 4 – #Throwback Special, France 98 World Cup – Part 1

The BOLA BOLA guys decided to walk down memory lane and take this opportunity to look back at the last World Cup held in the 20th century. After all, if there was a pivotal moment in football for all three of them, it has to be this edition. At some point during this show, you’ll find out why.

There were plenty of things that we’ve focused on this part of the show.

(1:39) Briefly look at the teams that didn’t make it. Despite the competition being expanded to 32 teams for the first time, yet there were some notable absentees.

(5:22) We have listed down what we felt were the best kits to come out during that World Cup. The winner was an obvious one but there are a few others that deserve to be mentioned.

(9:35) It was also a tournament that had several classic matches that could easily go down as among the all time best at the World Cup. So which were the games that made it into our conversation?

(15:24) Of course, you can’t leave out some of the best ever goals scored during that tournament. So was Michael Owen’s goal against Argentina really that good as what every expert made it out to be?

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